Thursday, 17 November 2011

The United Colors Of Benetton And Viral Marketing

Benetton once more prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the common man is an idiot. By creating this set of "controversial" kissing images their aim is to whip up a tornado in our fair toilet so that some of us turds might pay attention. Their message? Don't be brainwashed by religion or politics, be brainwashed by an advert that purports to break down barriers between people. But don't mention that its all in the name of commerce because that might corrupt the entire message.

Sanctioned responses to these adverts:

Its tasteless.
Its funny.
Its artistic.
Its great advertising.
It preaches tolerance.
Its anti-religious.
Its anti-politics.
My friends have got to see this.

People will buy into this and share it under the banner of controversy and it will work. Soon it will be 'trending'. It obviously helps if it gets banned by the Vatican and whoever else.

So, just for balance, here's a more truthful Benetton advert. It is actually what drives them.

This is a great example of a marketing department scavenging through the remains of our culture for something, anything, that's still controversial. Its hard enough living in a toilet as it is.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

How Gnats Make Sense Of The World

Does an altruistic act really exist, or is it always self-interest in disguise?

"Unable to accept the selfish reasoning for kindness found in his own mathematical theory of altruism George Price began showing an ever increasing amount (in both quality and quantity) of random kindness to complete strangers. As such George Price dedicated the latter part of his life to helping the homeless, often inviting homeless people to live in his house. Sometimes, when the people in his house became a distraction, he slept in his office at the Galton Laboratory. He also gave up everything to help alcoholics, yet as he helped them they stole his belongings causing him to fall into depression. He was eventually thrown out of his rented house due to a construction project in the area, which made him unhappy because he could no longer provide housing for the homeless. He moved to various squats in the North London area, and became depressed over Christmas, 1974."

How Gnats Make Sense Of The World

Hello Mr Eunuch,
Today I knocked at an OAP's door.
From her lonely fug she awoke.
In her gullible need she answered.
Like a freak I offered my help.
Free of charge with no catches, all day.

Hello Mr Eunuch, 
Today I withdrew my life savings.
I walked up to a homeless man
Sitting with his dog
And I forced the cash down the animal's throat
Until it was dead. He cared not, smiling,
As he extracted it. 

Hello Mr Eunuch, 
Tonight I couldn't control my empathy
Inside every glass being lay
Dim embers of sadness burning.
I could taste it on the air from the day
And watching the gale-force trees sway
Knew my "recklessness" would only carry so far. 

(How gnats make sense of the world)

Hello Mr Eunuch,
You fathered several secret children
Making your seed very certain
Before your genital sacrifice
Ensured you a job for life.
You are an evolutionary psychologist's dream;
So what am I - just a random anomaly?

Some fascinating information about George Price: